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Oney Plays Mario 64 Mod




at the moment, and he is just stunning, the audio is so good. Like all good soundtracks, if you're not careful, there are some amazing whistles, and of course a few incredibly irritating sound effects. Game On: The First Few Hours: It's an almost universal theme at the moment, even at this early stage, that the game is a little short. It is. It's also filled with gameplay firsts. The first thing you do after loading is start Mario's special power-ups, which are points in the game that, when collected, unlock new power-ups for him. There's the game's first mine cart, the first time you jump into water, and the first time you take Mario's mustache off. Each of the four world maps in Super Mario 64 have a different theme. When you start the game, Mario is in the desert world map, where Mario is a desert explorer. Soon after, however, you get the mushroom world map, where Mario is a mushroom. Then you get the pipe world map, where Mario is a pipe. Finally, in the worlds you unlock, Mario's in the plumbers world, where Mario is a plumber. Sound: The theme music is, of course, amazing. But the soundtrack is even better. All of the tracks from the original Super Mario 64 are reprised in the remake, and many of them have been re-mixed for this version. It's been said that this is one of the hardest things about remaking Super Mario 64. As well as remaking the music, the levels have been re-designed for the remake, and some of the new stages are downright incredible. Gameplay: The gameplay in Super Mario 64 HD is as perfect as the rest of the game. You run, jump, and float through levels, picking up the many power-ups along the way, which gives you special abilities. Each world has a central hub, which Mario must reach in order to get to the next world. Between levels, Mario will fly up and down ladders and go through pipes. At the end of each level, he will power-up, giving him special abilities. Features: When you first load the game, you get the mushroom, the four world maps, and the special power-ups. As you play, you unlock more power-ups, and you get access to more worlds. The game is filled with collectibles,




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Oney Plays Mario 64 Mod

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